Yearly Vacine = HELL

>> Monday, October 22, 2007

Short note:
Creamy is a lovely hammie and I like this yummy bear so much but Creamy is not mine. He/she is my Auntie Karen new baby, but no worries as I will let Creamy blog once a while here. I have some funny video of this lil bear too and I will post it when mom uploaded to the PC.

Yearly Vacine = HELL

Yes, I just came back from the HELL 2 weeks ago
(Mom: He means the Vet.) which was really triple "ble", HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE and VEGETABLE.

(Mom: Whats wrong with the vegetable?? Okok, let me explain what happen to BenBen 2 weeks ago or else he will be going round & round talking nonsense. We went to the vet for his 1st yearly vacination and it was really terrified. We dont have photo for the visit as I was very busy pulling this lil rascal, so please assume the dog in the pic is BenBen.)

He refuse to stay in the vet. He keep pulling and trying to drag both me & his daddy out of the HELL = VET. (Ben: Who would ever like to stay in the HELL?)We took about 20 minutes to settle him down.

Then he refuse to get into the room when it was his turn. I pull him, his dad drag him together-gether with the doc.

and suddenly this notti fellow open his mouth, showing his teeth and act very aggresively !! Both me & his dad were totally terrified, he was totally out of control. We have to talk, tried to pat him for a while to reassure him. Another 30 minutes gone......he just dont like the vet and he dont let us to put on the muzzle too. So........ we got no choice but to agree to let him sleep for a while.......

(Ben: The snakey vet jap some whisky or X.O on my leg before I could stop him and I feel like a drunken dog just a few seconds...I saw twinkle star, then I see Rossi..GG, Hammer....Simba...Momo...and Asta sweetie...then I saw nothing.)

I know its very meanie but we have no choice. While BenBen was sleeping, the vet gave him yearly vacine, heartworm protection and as well as treamming his nail.

I always have problem treamming one of his nail, he just dont like us to touch that particular nail so it end up growing longer and longer. The vet advised to cut it as short as possible or it will hurt himself later.

A simple yearly vacine took us about 1 1/2 hours....

(Ben: I hate the vet and I hate you mom & dad. You guys forced me to that HELL place and do all those stopid evil thingy on my body while I was drunk.....thats not fair!!! I will never ever go to that HELL again!!! I dont want to talk to you guys. Leave me alone. )

That poor lil fellow slept all the way home...and it tooks him around 20 minutes to fully recover from his so call "Whisky" drunken state. He was very pampered after that, keep whining, asking for companion...... (Ben: NO, I did not!!)

I wonder hows the next yearly vacination? I feel like a lousy mommy....

Any suggestion?

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