Creamy yummy Bear

>> Friday, October 19, 2007

I can write a new post
I can upload the photos
I can introduce the cutie yummy bear, lil Creamy to all my pals....

Phew~its really hard to deal with Mr.Blogger sometimes....he makes me sweat and I nearly lost all my hair yesterday...

So, here's the lil Creamy. Isn't he/she a cutie?? Err....Im not sure bout his/her gender yet. But I think Creamy is a boy...coz Im a boy too. Boyz rule the world!!! Hehe.....
I haven't meet Creamy yet, but from the photo I know Creamy is a nice buddy. Mom like to call him/her Bear Bear and this remind me of our lovely buddy, Fufu. Eil used to call Fufu Fu Bear too. Just like Fufu, Creamy is a syrian hammie but Creamy has a lighter color, the cream color which really yummy looking...Opss...sorry Aunty Karen, I promise I wont swallow Creamy....mayb just a few licks. *wink*

Well, mom is not a good photographer. I dont know why but she need to snap these pic with flash or all the pic will be blur...just like Creamy. Can you see the blur face?? Look at the eyes, Creamy has red & black eye !!! (Mom, are you sure Creamy is a normal hammie?? Not from Mars or Venus???) Ouch!! (Mom: of coz Creamy is a normal hammie, is the lighting problem la....)

Guess what? Creamy ran to the corner when he/she saw mom taking pic and start cleaning & combing him/herself. What a neat baby, already know how to groom him/herself eventhough he/she is just 3 months old.

" Ok, Im all well groomed now. You can keep 'flashing'."

Hi, guys. Im Creamy, please to meet you all. Welcome to my lovely house.

You can have some nuts or sunflower seeds.

What? My house is too small?

Okok, lets us have a good chat outside then. Give me a minute ya.

Im coming......





Argg.....Im still here!!!

Mom~~!!! Can you gimme a hand please ??

What do you mean that you are not free now??


Excuse me, could you just move your 'flashing thingy'aside please?

I need a toilet break now.

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