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>> Monday, September 3, 2007

Hey pals, Im BACK from HOLIDAY!!!
I have 3 great days with the hooman, we play & eat, play & eat, play and of coz I had the yucky bath too. Grr....We took some pic & video but the woman act soooooooooooooo slow, she havent upload it yet.

By the way, I was soooooooooooooo excited to check out all your blogs this morning. I started with BOO and "TATA!!" I saw this cute lil fella in his blog, he is BOO's lil brother!!! OMdoG, I was sooooooooo suprise that Boo actually got a lil bro??? Im sure Boo hate him sooooooooooooo much since this lil baby is soooooooooooo cute !!!! and guess what, me & this lil baby have something in common. We have a small dot on our head. So, Im sure this lil boy will grow up to be a handsome pup like me. WAhahhahaa!!!

Well, I will act like Boo if mom got me a stinky, I will bark him away!!

But Im kinda like him coz we have the special DOT!!

Tanner has a dot too but Joey claimed its his brain's size which Im totally disagree!!

Tanner, we are special !!! Joey stop teasing bout the DOT ya!!

and Plue, aunty Karen's pup has the DOT too!!

Mayb I can set up a DOT DOT or Dotty gang. (Mom: one crazy gang...)

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