Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia !!!

>> Wednesday, August 29, 2007

31 August 2007 is Malaysia National Day and guess what? Its Malaysia's 50th Birthday!!! 50 years old edy....same age as my mom. (Mom:Hey BenBen, thats very rude!!! By the way, Im younger than that !!!) Okok, she is younger, 49 yrs old. (Mom: Grrr.....no treat for you FOREVER !!) WHat ??? No treat!!! FOREVER???NOnonono...she...she is...only 18 yrs old. Hey Woman, are you satisfied now?? Now give me my treat!!

Multiculturalism has not only made Malaysia a gastronomical paradise, it has also made Malaysia home to hundreds of colourful festivals. It's no wonder that we love celebrating and socialising.

Its Visit Malaysia 2007!!

This is the beautifool view of the capital of my country, Kuala Lumpur.

Night view.

Its the public holoday tomorrow, the hooman no need to work which means I can spend my whole day with dad & mom!! Hooray!! So pals, I will be "ON LEAVE" starting tomorrow untill 3 September, no blogging available. Do miss me ya !!

Since I will be away for a few days, I have to send my early barkday greeting to my lovely pals.

Happy Barkday Ume !!

Momo, may all ya wishes come true ya!!

Enjoy your weekend & see you pals nexk week!!!!

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