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>> Monday, September 10, 2007

Yes, she went to the Dog Carnival WITHOUT me,
she met my DWB pals WITHOUT me,
she pet them WITHOUT me, she hug them WITHOUT me,
she kiss them WITHOUT me !!!!

Im SO angry when she left me at home.
Im SO SO angry when she met them at the park.
Im SO SO SO angry when she showing off with those photo.(low quality)
Im SO SO SO SO angry whe she keep saying
"Amber Mae is so talent." How come u r not?
"Rossi is so cute." How come u r not?
"Pacco is so smart." How come u r not?
"Prince is such a cool.guy." "Molly is so sweet."
"Boo is so handsome." "Max is so friendly."
"Amber is so cute.".................GRrrrrr.....

and the worst part, she ran away from the mommy-sitter(ROSSI)before Rossi manage to put on the leash. You are right Simba, those hooman are totally out of control and they will got into trouble not more than 5 minute. So no worries Rossi, I wont blame u for this. I know my mom very well.

This is the park with a BIG lake.

This is Rossi & his dad, the one & only Rossi's photo mom took. As you can see its a far distance photo, it explains why Rossi cant put on the leash on her.

and finally, mom met the Boo, the Casanova.

This is Amber Mae, she & her mom were very busy that day. They were rushing so mom didnt manage to take another pic of her. But she performed well in the event. Congrat !!

Amber lil Chihuahua was a little moody that day. She doesnt want to entertain anyone, mayb she was pissed off with Boo. Wakakaka

Here is Pacco saying Hi to Molly.

Mom never plan to take a close up pic but Money was too sweet to give mom a kiss.

Cool guy in the house!!! Yeah, its the Prince Charming Now you know why love him so much huh??

Max with his bandana. He is very friendly and mom said I should learn from him.

of coz not forgoten my lovely sister, MOlly in her sexy pink top. As usual, MOlly is a super friendly & hyperactive gal. She kept jumping & kissing everyone. But Mom said she is underweight now, she need to eat more.....Oh I miss her.

Mom couldn't believe it when she saw this. A muslim family with dogs. This is a good sign, at least not all the muslim hate dogs.

I scream!!!! The best FOOD under the HOT sun.

There are more photo but I need sometimes to edit them. Mayb next post, but you can find out more at other DWB pals's blog.

Oh ya, I found this from mom's camera and Im SO SO SO SO SO angry !!!

MOm never get me a single toy from the cuz & Kong Booth!!!

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