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>> Monday, September 10, 2007

Thanks pals, for all those sweet message. Im glad that I made mom feel very soory & guilty for not bringing me along to the dog carnival. (Mom: Im sorry dear, I dont have transport, the public transport doesnt allow dog and I got no place for you to stay for a week at KL.....) Ya right, bla bla bla...whatever, lier!!!

While she was there telling me how sorry and guilty she is, I found out that she visited another doggy friend after the Dog Carnival with Aunty Karen without telling me!!! How dare you go without asking me MOm?? (Mom: Sorry Ben, it was unplan and I got no time to inform you my dear.) Lier!!! Lier !!! Dont talk to me, I have enough, Im going to pack my stuff and move out from this house!!!

Mom speaking while BenBen is busy packing his stuff:
I know Im meanie, I know I should bring him along but you know....there are too many things to consider...and hmm..
...(BenBen: Shut up, dont lie to my friends!!) Ok, fine. I went and visit this cutie call Taro. He is bulldog and he is a star, why?? Because he played in the Nippon paint commercial which I loves it very much !!! Yeah, I have to admit that he is super cute & macho. I cant help myself keep hugging him...Shhsssssss..dont tell BenBen ya. (BenBen: I CAN HEAR YOU !!!)

So this is cute Taro.

This is the macho Taro.

and I swear to GOD that below pic is true. Taro can fly!!!

This is the Nippon advertisement

and this is the TV Commercial . You must watch it, its super cute!!!!

Hey mom, can you help me to get those treats from the wardrobe?? I cant reach them.....I cant go without are a good mom, you are sweet and lovely....please.....HEY YOU WOMAN, GET ME THE TREATS NOW !!! OR OR I WILL TELL THE WHOLE WORLD HOW OLD ARE YOU !!!!!

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