>> Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thanks for all your kind messages, mom is feeling better though she still miss Oreo.

Forget bout those sadness coz today is
Huskee Boy's 8th barkday. Happy barkday Huskee!! 8th !! Can you imagine?? Im bigger than him but Im only 1+ years old.....do you think I will grow 8 size bigger when I turn 8 years old?? Mayb big size than Nanook.....

Lets wait & see how big can I grow....but now I would like to show you pals how tall I am. (Boo, see this.)

This is what I did around 6.30pm everyday.EVERYDAY!!!

Why??? coz its DINNER TIME !!!

I have to show my face, so that grandma wont forget my dindin.

COme on grandma, its 6.30pm!!!

I know its kinda gross but hey, who cares. Its the yummylicious rice with chicken & carrot !!!

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