Good Home Needed

>> Saturday, August 25, 2007

Oh I just found out that the sexy Ms.Sunshade & the Giant Georgie need a good home.

Hey Sunshade darling, here here HERE !!!

You can come to my house always and I fulfill all the requirement.

1. I got no stinky at home.

2. Yes and Im the BIG handsome boy!!!

3. I dont have all these food yet but I have sent my mom to the market just now. She will get you all the ingredient you want. No woories.

4. Yeah, I have 2 cat at home and they really need "exercise".

5. Currently have 2, but I will add on if thats what you want dear.

6. I use to sleep mom's queen size bed, I will kick her off the bed when you are here.

7. Grandma have a "landscape-able" yard and I need your help on this as I still not good in this.(Max, you can join us.)

8. Yeah, half an hour to the beach with mom lousy snail driving. I guess we can reach there just 10 min if Im the driver.

9. Hmm.........I dont have pine cones here but I think I can get it in the shop, or mayb you can try the sweet cone??

10. Of coz you can have your sunshadeMObile. What brand you want?? Just name it.

11. No. No hooman pup allow as long as Im here. So dont worried darling, grab your Georgie & fly over !!! NOW!!

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