>> Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ok ok, Im totally awake since Monday night. Its the connection problem, the stoopid line down again. So here I am, updating my blog and there are 2 bad news.

First, I was suppose to run away from home. Staying at Simba or GG house after the pawty, but I dont know why & how I got back home?? Any idea?? I was too drunk till I couldnt remember anything.

2nd, this is a sad sad news....grandpapa lost his beloved fatty cat, Oreo. Oreo died last thursday, he was suffering with constipation earlier on. Well, you pals know that I hate cat right but still Im sad and Im kinda miss that fatty boy. I feel sorry to Milky gal too for loosing her beloved brother.
(Mom: I was suppose to bring him for another check up last weekend, but it was too late. Oreo couldnt make it. He is such a lovely kid, my dad love him much, everybody adore him. He is a vocal cat, he will answer whenever you talk to him.....its such a big lost. It scared me too when I look at Milky gal & BenBen. I just couldnt take it if one of them leave me one day...)

RIP Oreo...till we meet again...I promised I wont chase you around.


I have been tagged by the handsome Max on something about me. So here you go Max.

Where is my favourite place to sleep?
I loooooooooove the hooman bed. But now Im a outdoor dog, no more hooman bed.

Is there a specific trick your hoomans make you do to get treats?

Yes. I have to sit & waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait for like thousand years to get my trick. The loooooooger I sit, the looooooooooger my drool is, I will get more treats.

If you could spend an entire day doing anything at all with anyone, what would you do & with whom?
Of coz with the hooman but make sure they have treats on their hand. I would like to eat & eat & eat together-gether with them....and they will said:" No thanks BenBen, you can have all by yourself." and I would like to have all my DWB pals around too, pawtying, chasing around, dating, dancing all night...at least once in a lifetime....all 600 bloggy pals or more having great time together.

What is your favourite toy?
I have sooooooooooooo many toys that I like but I mostly adore my Mr.Frogy & Mr.Cuzy.

If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?
Hmm....this is hard...there are too many things. I would like to stay with my dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, grandpapa, grandmama, auntie & uncle and all the hooman that I love.
But then I wish I could meet up & play with all my DWB pals around the world too or mayb by just one click on the blog, they will appear right in front of me or I can visit their place.
It would be great too if I can delete the "Beau got stolen part" from Hammer family, so Beau, Hammer, Susan and the rest of the family can live happily ever after....or mayb I can bring back Fufu, Oscar, Oreo and other pals from Rainbow bridge....

Gosh, there are sooooooooo many things....I just couldnt choose one. So just let it be lah.

Ok, now I have to tag 2 pals..lets go for No.599 & No.600 in DWB list, The 3 woofs & a Woo and Survivor & Bella .

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