Cheer up pal !!!

>> Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hey pals, thanks for all the lovely message. Im feeling better today, no more moody faces. Here's the prove..

But it doesn't mean I forgot about Oscar. I will keep him in my heart...always...


You all were asking where did my hooman went without me last weekend in my "Waiting." post. So here's the answer. For those who dont know, Im not staying with my parents.My hooman work in a place called Kuala Lumpur. They rent their rooms there & Im not allow to stay with them. (Not fair!!) So, dad & mom can only visit me during weekend at grandpa house. Only once a week!!!! Now, you know why I have to sit at the door every weekend.......waiting for the yummylicious TREATS !!!

Hehehe, yes. Dad & mom always give me treats when they are back.

I will showthem the sad & being abandone look...make them feel guilty especially when they are late.

They will give plenty of xcuses..dont trust them. Keep on with the unhappy look, then they got no choice but to give me TREATs.

After I got enough from mommy, I will turn to dad. Hehehe...and it always work.

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