Momo, is that you???

>> Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mommy brought back the Pet Magazine and guess what? Momo on the cover page!!!

I was so excited and quickly ran to the magazine, wagging my tail and check what they wrote about my friend.

But then I realise it not MOmo. This momo look alike call Harry, he is a dog own by a local pet shop. I was very dissapointed....but then mommy read the article for me.

According to the article, Harry is a working dog and guess what is his post?? He is the PR manager in that pet shop. Harry very good in socializing, he can mix around with all the doggie came to their shop, no matter what size the dog is. Harry is the one who liases with the doggy client and he never fail in the business. So, the owner plan to change his position to the PR director!!! OMdoG, I wonder how much treats they paying to this Mr.Harry. Cool hah?? Well mom, I guess you should go to this pet shop, instead of wasting your 3 yrs time studying your PR at school. (Mom: BenBen, you are too much!!)

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