Silly Tagged !!

>> Thursday, May 24, 2007

I've been working so hard to build up my image as a handsome & macho pup in the world, but now I have to humiliate myself, yeah....humiliate myself by showing all my stupid ugly silly pic to the whole world !!!!! Why?? Because I've been tagged by both my perfect lady Tosca & Girl Girl.

I hate bath time...pic tell it all.

Oh gosh !! I hate this tag !! I think one of my ancestor could be dalmation.

I dont know what the hell Im doing in this pic. I was like twisting my head...or stuck in the pillow. Nobody knows....

For my perfect lady Tosca: We do have things in common.... Im Ilama no.2 !!!
Thats it....its more than enough !!! No more ugly pic after this.
Now, I have to choose another victim for this silly tag.....hmmm....who should I tag??
Ahah, Im gonna tag Amber lil Chihuahua, Kingsley & Pacco.
Show me ya silly pic !!

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