Mom need some help here

>> Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My dum dum Mom need some help here. (mom: you are the one need help k.) She been spending whole week working on my blog, trying to make it more interesting & nicer. She try to upload some music, put up a banner and add on some useful links but still no sign of it. (mom: you are the one that wanna put all those stuff into your blog, trying to impress all the gals out there & hoping to get voted for the awesome blog.) dont listen to this crazy lady. She is talking nonsense here, please forgive her. She must be having too much of stress working on my just leave her alone, like what I did here, stick my tonge on the floor. wahahah.

p/s: Hey pals,please send me some useful guide if you know. I dont want mom to end up losing her hair & then losing mine....

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