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>> Saturday, May 26, 2007

Oh ooo.....another tagged by Pearly.

List out 7 thingy that you never mention in your blog, then tagged another 7 victims.

So, listen up pals. Here are the 7 thing you may not know:

  1. Im not friendly at all !!!! Im kinda slow in making new friends, I dont simply let other doggy sniff my sexy butt. (Oh gosh, I hope I wont scare you all away.)

  2. Im a well behave pup, always sit steal & watch the shows during doggy event. (mom: He always chicken out during doggy event.)

  3. I never waste food, I will eat up everything in my bowl. (mom: He never like to share with others, thats why he will finish up everythg as fast as he can.)

  4. Im daddy & mommy's boy.....I like to stick or sleep with them.

  5. My hooman are very naughty, so I always bark them back in position. (mom: He just got jealous when we get near to other doggie. He will make noise to get our attention.)

  6. I always make sure Uncle Henry's leg is clean....(mom: He love Henry & He always pee on him when he got too excited.)

  7. I always help mom to clean the floor. (mom: He like to scratch his butt on the floor, I had no idea.)

Now Im gonna tag another 7 victims....Amber, Faith, Chloe, Akira & Shiro, Girl-Girl, Toby & Snickers.

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