Oh Mom

>> Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Im no longer a indoor dog.....no more sleeping on HOomAN bed, no more watching TV on sofa & no more sneaking into kitchen.....
Here are my daily routine:
(these pictures were taken on Nov 2006)
Grandpa, can I go inside??

Watering grandma's garden

Treasure Hunt

Looking for June June


When I was busy sniffing around the garden, a car stop in front of grandpa house. Without seeing the driver, I knew thats mommy's car. I was so excited & straight away I jump on her. I know I know, Im no longer a small baby...Im a heavy boy now.

Both of us miss each other sooooooooooo much & we were kissing & hugging, (daddy, dont get jealous ya) grandma just couldnt help laughing at us.

We were having fun, but mom spoilt my mood when she said "Ben Ben, its shower time." I was trying to escape from that evil hand but stil I failed. WHy?? because she using her dirty tactic again, TREATS !!

When I was so upseting, mom took out her camera.......

Mom, stop taking my pic...

Stop it mom !!

I told you mom, you not gonna make it. I will never ever show my wet wet faces in my blog. Dont you ever try to spoilt my handsome faces.

p/s: even though mom treat me bad, but still I love my mommy....coz Im a GOOD boy.

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