K9 Day

>> Tuesday, January 16, 2007

As I said earlier, Im going to the K9 Day & I did. There were sooooooo many doggie untill I couldnt find Boo & Sasha....There were so many shih tzu around but I just couldnt find the CASANOVA face. (sorry baby, mission failed. Im not sure whether Boo is kissing other gals out there.)
By the way, I manage to meet up with my siblings Scooby & Molly and their HOomaN too, Jane,Samuel & Mei Luan. It was a family reunion day. We were spending our day together to know each other....or should I say the Hooman were having their fun time together...You know, Im not up to the social social stuff. I was happy to see them but I just cannot mixed aroung with them, I need some time.....But I have to admit that Molly is really good in the social social thingy. She is a sweet lovely babe that is very friendly (over friendly...hehe), she can mixed around with all the dogie as well as the Hooman...she never get tired. Scooby, he is the man. He is cool, calm & steady all the time. Mom said I sholuld learn from Scooby......(Hey Scoo, you not up to the social social thingy too right??) hehe....
I also get to meet up with some pals from puppy forum, Jingle, Patches & Zeus the JRT. Poor Zeus got biten when he was trying to say HI to other doggy. Hope that he get well soon. Then I saw Pacco, Amber, Faith & Chloe too....Amber is really a show dog, "Amber & Melissa, please come to the stage." thats what I heard the whole morning & they got lotsa prizes....Oh and they were on the newspaper too. (check amber's blog)
It was a really tiring day.....I slept all the way back to Seremban.
I keep showing my handsome face to other doggie.

"Ben, be nice to other doggie." thats what mom keep telling me. (see that finger, thats my mommy' finger)


Finally, they got us 3 into 1 pic.


Molly & her Mommy, aunty Jane.

Scooby & his Daddy, Uncle Samuel.

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