Good News, Bad News

>> Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Good News, I've been nominated for the "Dog with Blogs's photo of the month". Thanks pals for nominated & voting for me.
As you can see I got nothing to do at grandpa' house other than sniffing around, I decided to visit to do some art work....and heres the result....

my pimped pic!
Bad News, I was told that mom was taking care of Aunty Karen's baby yesterday. He is Plue, a poor puppy rescued by Aunty Karen's friend from a factory area. He's still a baby where mom have to hand feed him with his milk lucky he is......taking care by my mommy. (hey you, she's my mommy k. Dont you show your pity face & steal her heart.)

See....He always show that "love me more face" to everybody.

Mommy said he looks like me...but he got bigger patches on both side of his face.

No matter how cute or how lookalike we are, still Im the only mommy's handsome boy.

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