Happy Barkday & Im employed !!!

>> Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Barkday to those 3rd batch babies!!!

Happy barkday to Verdi, see I never forget bout ya barkday !!!

Im employed !!

Yes, I have been employed by GOofy, my buddy as his Barkday Pawty Planner cum Driver!!!

Goofy's barkday is on 1 Dec 2007, which means another 10 more days...Oh I gotta hurry up!!!

But but, my brain not functioning well. I need some suggestion, what should we do this time??

Should we have a firework pawty by flying Goofy up with the fireworks??

or or should we have a foam pawty by dumping Goofy into the bath tub??

HEhehe....Goofy gonna kill me....

MOM~!~!~!!! Im employed now. So you can dump your job now coz I will bring back the money to get you some treats.

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