Where is Benjamin?

>> Thursday, October 11, 2007

Im here. I going no way but here with my grandpawrent.

Mommy's boss travel to Europe for 2 weeks +, so mom has to work like a crazy woman again, rushing for docs, replying emails, answering calls, shooting by customer, dealing with lazy hooman and so on......and the worst is that the stoopid computer is not listening to her again. That stoopid pc even swallow all her emails which nearly lead her to hell....

So, no everyday update from me, no blog checking for me or even chatting session for me..... such a boring life

Here's a pic of me edited by mom sometimes ago....I hope you pals like it.

Happy Barkday to Bailey

and all the coming barkday. Im sorry if I miss somedog barkday.

Last but not least, Happy Wedding to Boo's pawrent.

Enjoy your wedding day and please save some cake for me.

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