All the way from Australia

>> Monday, October 15, 2007

I had a great weekend because I got a friend fly all the way from Australia!!! Cool hah.

Oh, I got a package?? Are you sure mom?

Yeah, its mine. See, for Benjamin.

Let me check it out.....who could it be?

Oh, its from my good buddy Hammer!!!!

See, he even gave me a bling bling Aussie Sticker....Cant wait to see what's inside.

Wow, BenBen. Hammer got you a GOAT!!!

Say HI to the cutie GOAT.

Hammer gave me a lovely card too. Can you see that cutie on the card??

We have same amazing eyes...*wink

So here's the best part.

"Dear Ben Ben, I hope you like this grey COW from Australia......"

Hey mom, Its a cow !! COW!!!!

This is how hooman always misleading us....GOAT~~

Okok, enough with the GOATy joke....this cutie has a tag on it, GreyCliffe.

So, I decided to name him baby Clifford.

Thanks Hammer, I really like this baby Cliffird...I like it soooooooooo much and I understand why you chomped the 1st one. I want to do the same thing to him took it away from me!!!! I was like WHAT???

Mom~!!! thats a special gift from Hammer to me, ME!!! Cant you read the name on the packege?? Its for Benjamin!!! BENJAMIN !!!


Can you believe it? She just walk into the bed room with my baby Clifford.......

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