Halo Hallo Halloween !!!

>> Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yeah, Im in the Halloween mood now !!!

Thanks Buthchy & Snickers for giving me the sweet treats award, so Im sweeter now??

Grandma~~!!! Can and give me a lick? how do I taste now?? Sweeter??

Ok now I have to make other as sweet as candlied apple too.


Max, you are sweeter now!!!

Rossi buddy, you are a sweeter pie now!!!

Dopey, yeah I will give this award to you too but not for Boo!! Wakakka

(Im sure Boo is crying under the bed now.... okok, for you too Boo.)



Its coming, its coming !!! another great pawty, I have book the ticket for Air-Ruby. So I will be going with all the pals!!

Okok, gotta go and look for my costume, I dont want to be late. I gotta get something cool like Butchy too.

Happy Halloween !!!

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