I hate hooman pup

>> Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I re-uploaded the video, hope you pals can see it now. I dont know why but it tooks me like 100000000000 yrs to settle the pro. By the way, I like to play with hooman pup but they just ran away from me.....sad......why? why?

short note: Dad & mom are feeling better. They want to thank you pals for all the lovely smoochie hugs & kisses....its way better than those yucky medicine.

Yes, I hate hooman pup !!!
Im not sure bout the hooman pup at your place but mine here are terrible teribble terrible!!! Im such a handsome good guy, but they just afraid of me, or I should said afraid of us, cute nice doggy. Whenever they come to Grandpa house, I have to stay inside the jail....Grrrr.........

So here I am again, chewing my beloved Mr.Cuzy in the jail.
Mr.Cuzy, say Hi to my friends....Opss..sorry, I forgot he lost his voice.......

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