Happy Birthday Sick mom

>> Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom !!!
Of coz she need more candles on the cake but the cake is too small.

This is what I got her, the Marley & Me. I have to show her that Im not the worst dog in this world...
But please reconsider if you wanna get your hooman this book, coz this book got mom crazy. She keep smiling, laughing and crying herself when she holding that book....they must be some Marley spell or curse in that book.

No big celebration on mom's birthday coz both mom and dad are sick. Mom is better, she just blow off all the stuff infront of her....but dad...

Dad is worst, he keep vomiting and diarear...yew~~ I hate this coz I experience it before.

They just came back from the vet, Opss... I mean the clinic. So they will celebrate it with all the medicine....great.

So Rossi, my moving plan have to postpone till both my ma & pa are feeling better....

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