>> Saturday, July 21, 2007

This is soooooooooooooooooo embarrassing. I have mixed up both Snickers from Janesville and Snickers from Muskego....I thought it was Snickers from Muskego barkday yesterday, so I sent her my greeting......and then only I realise I was wrong. It was Snickers from Janesvillie barkday yesterday !!! OMdoG, whats wrong with me?? Im sooo sooooooo sorry to both Snickers........Happy belated Snickers from Janevillie & sorry Snickers baby from Muskego...and sorry for all the doggy pals with my wrong information.

This is for you Snickers from Janesvillie, I hope you like it. Enjoy your pawty with Gussie ya. *wink*

and today is TOby little dude barkday!! I have double or even triple check it before I post this. I dont want to repeat the same mistake.....

Happy Barkday Dude!!!

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