>> Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mommy's here:

I dropped by Eve & Fei's Blog earlier and saw her post on "This is my Happiness". I really wanna thanks her for sharing it with us coz it reminds me of the special bonding between me & BenBen.

Yeah, there's a strong bond between us and our furkid. I guess all the mama & papa out there have the same feeling hah. BenBen might be only a dog for some people but he is my SON, a son that bring soooooooo many sweet memories for me & his daddy. He is one special pup that I will love him forever....we cant communicate in the same language but we understand each other....
I adopted BenBen from a net friend on July 2006. This is the pic show on her blog....and this is the 1st time I saw my boy....yeah, its all begin with blogger. I have to thank blogger for this....

For your information, BenBen was not our 1st choice. We thought of adopting his sister, Molly baby, but she was adopted by Jane. This is what we call "FATE", and BenBen is a gift from GOD....he was born to be my son.

Here is the pic of BenBen on the 2nd day with me. He love to sleep like this even he is a big boy now. Im so glad that he walk into my life and I wanna thank all of you for sharing all ya love & care with us.

Thanks GOD for giving me such a great SON.

Thanks Dhora for giving birth to this little one.

Thanks Jaclyn for the sdoption.

Thanks Jane&Molly for bringing me to this blogging world.

Thanks Pacco for being Ben's 1st blog pal.

Thanks Bussie for being Ben's 1st foreign pals

Thanks Ben's daddy for taking good care of me & BenBen.

Thanks BenBen for being my SON


a big THANKS to all of you that dropping by......

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