She loves me, she loves me not.

>> Thursday, June 7, 2007

I know mom love me, she always get me snack, treats, chewey or cookies. But sometimes I just doubt bout it.......

Can you see whats she holding?

Yeah, its my favourite bacon stick.

But this so call love me mommy is kinda evil, she not giving me the bacon stick. She just put it there & make me LOOK at it. Can you see my expression....can you see how long is my tongue?? I have to WAIT to get my yummy bacon stick !!! I have to wait for that stupid "OK" command then only I can have it. Isnt its CRUEL !!

"OK" !! Straight away I ran to my yummy bacon stick and place it into where it suppose to be....haha. Chew and chew and chew....gosh, this is great...mmm.....

yum~yum~I can finish it up within few second.

Hey mom, can I have another one??? Please~~~~~

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