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>> Thursday, May 31, 2007

Okok. Since Im the bad bad Ben Ben, Im gonna let the good good Milky to scratch scratch my blog for ONE day..... So Milky, here you go. Be nice to my doggie friends ya.


A special Hi to all my lovely brota BenBen's doggie friends. Im Milky. Im a 6 months old cat kitten. Im so happy that my brota let me scratch scratch here....I wish I can sratch scratch more. (Ben: NOPE....only for today.)

Im kinda sad & depressed these few days because I just recovered from a bad bad op...spaying. I dont like it at all but mom & Dr.Ee said its good for me......and mom said Im a brave brave gal. She even make me this.

I like this so much, I act like a tiger..nGAU!!! What do you think?
(Ben: she was yawning....)

I saw a tummy tag game at BenBen's blog. It looks fun, so I also wanna show my tummy too.

This is my brota, Oreo. He has bigger tummy than me. (Ben: Pearly, this is Oreo.)

p/s: Can I come back?? can you ask my brota BenBen to let me scratch more??


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