Happy Chinese New Year

>> Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hey pals, its Chinese New Year !! I know that Im abit late for the greeting, sorry ya. I guess you pals must be busy celebrating CNY now. The Hoooman are too busy with the CNY stuff, visiting friends, relatives, neighbour......and family din din. Yeah, they went for family reunion din din without me, WITHOUT ME!! Is that call FAMILY REUNION din din??? They do gave me dinner but ALONE at home.
Oh there are fireworks all around the place, I hate it. It such a noisy thing, well Im not scare of it but I just hate it.
Then everybody is getting biscuit, sweet, drink & all kind of food....and ANG PAO too. I thought everybody is getting the ang pao, but the hooman never give me.....why? Nevermind, today is 1st day of CNY, I guess mommy forget bout it edy. Mayb she will give me tomorrow......right?

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