Happy Barkday Goofy!!!

>> Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy barkday Goofy!!!!

Gosh, Im having headaches now. I must have had too much wine yesterday night.

I had a great time eventhough its kinda tiring driving my spaceship all the way to space.

Hey pals, we are on today NEWSPAPER!!!!
See, someone caught this pic yesterday at 7pm, Malaysia Time....

The hooman saw something on the sky and they are still doing research on it...

Haha, I guess those hooman will never know that it was US!!!!

Yeah, I started the jorney from region C, which is picking up all the Asian pals. Yes, picked them up at the same time, Goofy the barkday boy, Boo & Dopey, Rossi & Hercules, Amber Mae with her skunk outfit, Amber, Ah Boy, Million Dollar, Max & Patches, Boy & Baby, Snowball, GG with her pinky spaceship, Umetyan and following by region B and region A. Simba (Yes, Boo insist want to drag him up the ship.) Marvin, Jackson, Sherman, Lola, Penny, Sparky, The Cowboy 4B, Katie, Zorra & Sam, Peanut & Flash, Charlie, Lorenza, Verdi & Gaucho, Maggie & Mitch, Pearly, Joey & Tanner, Cassidy & Harry, Asta, Butchy & Snickers within just a few second.

Then we were off to the space!!!

We all were very excited as this is the 1st time we left the earth!!!

head to the Planet GOOFY!!!

I have gone thru the news and I found out that there are scary lighting near Venus Planet. Some of our friends are scare of the lighting so I tried another way to avoid those lighting.

I love space, its soooooooooooo beautiful!!! We found a planet Bowling too!!!

We were having fun, chit chating in the spaceship but I keep hearing the MooooMooooooooooo sound in the spaceship.

After half an hours journey, we finally reach PLANET GOOFY !!!

The planet is beautiful, the surface look like cheese, very yummylicious looking. I think Amber-Mae try to taste it. So, hows the taste AmberM??

This is a very special planet, we dont really need the oxy tank and we can even walk on the planet. But for those who like to "swim" in the space, they can just "jump" into the space but of coz we need some "spaceguard" to pull them back to the ground. Thanks toAmber, Butchy, Snickers & her eagle, they were doing very great job.

We have prepared a HUGE cake for Goofy, its way bigger & higher than his size so he need the ladder to climb up. Hehe....We took a group pic after singing the barkday song and.......then we were pawtying whole night of coz, enjoying the food & drink. Thanks Asta, the NY sweetie for the champagn and also Umetyan for bringing us the lovely flowers.

Oh I guess, thats all for today. I need more sleep.....before continuing the xmas card making.

Happy weekend!!

and Happy Barkday to Ah Boy in advance.

2 slurpy licks:

Charlie December 4, 2007 at 1:15 AM  

That was a super great party, Ben Ben! It was really fun to go out in space!!
- Charlie

Amber December 4, 2007 at 3:36 AM  

The pawty was pawsome! space is really beautiful. The group pic great! so many doggies and hammies turned up.

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