The 7G

>> Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Mom really thanks for all the lovely message and wet wet kisses.
She is feeling better & better now.

Since theres nothing much to talk about myself this week, Im here to introduce my Auntie Karen's new babies, the 7G. Yes, auntie Karen got 7 more gerbils last month. She is sooooo addicted to those Gs. I wonder what will come next after the Egu (Iguana), Renjiro (Hedgie), Plue (The dot pup), 13 gerbils and Creamy the hammy.Yes, auntie Karen has a hammy too. I like to call her Bear Bear coz she looks like a bear for me. Hehe. I will ask mom to snap some pic of her, so I can introduce to GG, Peanut & Moosie.

They might look like mice but still they are very cute.

Mom manage to snap some cute pics of them.

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