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>> Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Monday pals !!
Phew~I guess we all have a busy weekend huh? After all the 70's discoing, sleeping and bathing, we are here again for another pawty.

Oh Im not sure bout you pals but I had to take a yucky shower yesterday. Mom force me to as she said I has those sweaty drunken smell all over my body. Hey mom, this is what a man smell like....gals like it.

I got no choice or else I will be forbiden to Asta & Triple B's Pawty. What a meanie mommy.

I guess you pals are on the way now huh, how could you resist all those yummy FOOD & sexy babe at the pawty??

Im going with 2 handsome guys tonight, ROssi & Max. We are ready and we are off to Asta & Bailey pawty. We even brought them pressie.

As you can see Boo & Simba took all the horsie, so we have to share a horse....poor horsie, I hope you can make it to the pawty on time.

Asta & Triple B, we are coming!!!! YeeeHaaa!!

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