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>> Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hey pals, Im back !!! Yeah, the connection is back to normal....so far. I hope its works for the rest of the week.

Me & the connection were in this so call ON-OFF mode. As you can see, I only put on the barkday wishes post, real quick one coz I got no extra time for xtra thingy as the connection might OFF again. I have to spent looooooooong time on loading. Phew~tiring & boring......

I missed out soooooooooo many doggie friend's blogs, hopefully I can check all the blogs by this 2 days. Please let me know if there are something BIG happen.


So here are the pic of last weekend. As mom promised, she gave me lotsa treats, especially this salmon treats.

HOoooo....I love it !!!

Then mom brought me for a WALKIE as she promised earlier. Can you see how happy I was?? I even said goodbye to grandpa & grandma before leaving.

I cant wait and yes, we manage to go out of the gate & start MY walkie....(Mom: For your information, the walkie END after 5 minutes.) Yes!! It was all because my LAZY mom. She was too tired to walk with me.(Mom: Excuse me, you are the naughty boy I ever met !!! He kept pulling the leash & never listen to me. So, I got no choice but to pull him back home. Thats a punishment !!) Hey mom, thats because I was too excited. That was my first walkie after sooooooooooooooooo many years!!! (Mom: Ben, stop talking non sense. You are only one+ old...) But...But mom, my blogging pal get to go OFF-leash !!! (Thats because they are good boy & gal that listen to their mommy. But you, you will run to no way.) ............. ......

This is the view from the gate.

How I wish I could run into that wood.

(Mom: and you will end up swallow by those stray dogs in the wood.)

FINE !!!

Im going to Simba Bond's pawty tomorrow and Im not coming back !!!!!

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