TAke a Break

>> Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Im suppose to update you guys bout my LOVE package received on weekend and showing you my handsome smiling faces today but it seems like my poor mommy need a break today after all the crazy, hectic & stinky thingy in the office.
NOnonononno !~!~!~!~! Mom, I need that computer!!
(She has to look at the screen, checking the email from 9am - 5pm.)

"^#$%#*$#$( @ $%" is what she wanted to say instead of that.

Dont mess with my mom.

But I think the best way to shut the stopid client up is THIS !!!Dont you bully my mom!!

Poor mommy, she has to deal with all different funny kind of people everyday and she met one today that ruin her day.

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