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>> Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Oh I have been tagged by Goofy for this "My family" thingy. But daddy & mommy are very busy this week, so I just start it with my Mr.Frogy first.

Mr. Frogy is a male frog (I assumed he is a male, coz he never wear dress.) Mr.Frogy came to my family on the 3rd day of my arrival. He is a prince, Prince of IKEA because Dad & Mom brought him back from IKEA and he has a crown on his head. Can you imagine?? Mr.Frogy left his entire kingdom to stay with me. Im so touch and I love my Mr.Frogy so much.
Mr.Frogy is my best buddy. He stay with me for 1 year and 18 days and I always share my thing with him. We share bed, we share toys and I even share my FOOD with him but he doesnt seem to like my FOOD coz he never eat it. Mr.Frogy always spent his time with me, he always company me unlike dad & mom.

We are good buddy and can you see we even have the same posing.
Mr.Frogy, Im gonna take good care of you....
you can be the prince of my BenBen kingdom & I will be the King.

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