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>> Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I have been tagged by Goofy since last week on the family thingy. I have to tell you guys bout my family and what they do for living. Since Im only 1 years old plus and I have never been to classes, I might have some difficulties in explaining this whole family thingy. So I went to that lazy bum bum laying on that sofa.

Ben: "Mom, what is Family??"
Mom: "We are Family."
Ben: "What is WE??"
Mom: "Thats mean you, me & daddy."
Ben: "So Family = you, me & daddy??"
Mom: "Hmm...sort of..."
Ben: "What do you mean by sort of? I need a firm answer."
Mom: "Ok yes. You, me & daddy is a family."
Ben: "So whats a family do??"
Mom: "Family should stay together, love & care each other."
Ben: "Well then we are not a family."
Mom: "Oh BenBen, how dare you said like that??"
Ben: "Oh mom, you said family should stay together. But we are not!!! I stay with grandpa & grandma. Dad stay with Uncle Henry and you stay with some strangers that I never know."
Mom: "................"
Ben: "So, me, grandpa & grandma are family, dad & uncle Henry are family while you & those strangers are from another family. am I right??"
Mom: "................."
Ben: "Hey mom, Im asking you question !!! "
Mom: "OK BenBen, listen. You, me, dad, grandpa, grandma, grandpapa, grandmama, uncle Kong, uncle Yu, aunty Li, aunty Min, aunty Shan, Cheetah & Milky gal are 1 big family. But we have to stay apart for some reasons."
Ben: ".................."
Mom: "Ben, are you listening??"
Ben: "Yes. But, you were saying me, you & dad = family. Why now suddenly everybody = family???"
Mom: "Yes we all are BIG family and small family....coz.."
Ben: "Mom, can we skip this family topic?? Its kinda complicated. Its too hard for a young pup like me."
Mom: "..........."

Ben: "Ok mom, you need to tell them what you & dad do for living."
Mom: "Im working in a shipping agency & dad work in IT field."
Ben: "Shipping?? ist like a boat?? Like Simba's Fat fat daddy's boat?? "
Mom: "No Ben. That shipping not ship or boat. Shipping mean like doing some freight forwarding."
Ben: "hmm.....whatever. Then what is IT field??"
Mom: "Daddy will dealing something using computer."
Ben: "like what I did everyday??"
Mom: "No, you are blogging while dad is working."
Ben: "Whatever....but I think Boo is smarter than dad in those computer stuff."
Mom: "Benjamin !!"
Ben: "So this is why you only visit me once a week?? doing all this boring thing?? Dont you think its more worthy playing with me??"
Mom: "Ben oh Ben, me & dad have to work in order to get you FOOD. No work no FOOD!!!"
Ben: "What?? No work no FOOD??? Okok, you are forgiven. FOOD is more important."

Ben: "Ok ok. Last question. When can I move back to you & dad??"
Mom: "We are working on this BenBen. We will bring you back once we have a landed house...."
Ben: "Nah...thats what you keep telling me. Can you give me a date?? Boo is moving to his new house, Boy & Baby is moving soon too !!"
Mom: "Just give us some times BenBen sweety."
Ben: "Whatever....."

This is my one and only FAMILY photo.

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