>> Friday, July 27, 2007

Do you still remember this fella?? Yes, he is Cheetah, the feline brother at grandpapa house.
Guess what? I nearly lost my mom because of HIM !!!!!!

This stoopid fella ran out of the vet when mom brought him for his vaccination last week and my mom? She was freak out and ran out the vet too. Mom was so scare that she might loose Cheetah, she keep chasing him without even looking at the vehicle. Luckily theres no car on the road, if not I will LOST this crazy woman FOREVER!!!

Well, LUCKY HIM & LUCKY manage to catch this stoopid fella and bring him back safely. But mom was wet & mud everywhere coz it was raining. Im totally speechless when I found out that time.....why cant she just let him go....

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