Another Precious Surprise !!

>> Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I received a love package 2 weeks ago. Yup,2 weeks ago, but I only got these pic yesterday.
(Thanks to my efficient dad.)

Can you see its specially for me, for ME !!

Let me have a good look....oh it wrotes dangerous goods !! Ist a boom??

Oh, its from my precious friend, Precious!! Can you see that cute little doggy?? She sent me kisses too.

*blush blush*

LOOK !! Its a fishy & yummylicious treats!!!

Hi Ms.Fishy, how are you?? Im Benjamin, do you wanna play with me?? She doesnt response but I take it as YES.

Hey dad, thats mine!! Okok, dont cry dad. You can play for awhile....Please forgive my dad Precious.

Below are the video of how my hooman torturing me....can you see how much I love my Ms.Fishy. (Oh, please ignore tho noisy background, mommy just couldnt keep quiet.)

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