Costume Barkday Pawty's Report

>> Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hey pals, sorry for this late report. I drank too much of wine at the pawty and is kinda blur now.
A big thank to GG & her hot pinky mobile. We cant attend the pawty without her. Can you see how super her mobile was, the hot pinky mobile can fit all of us. GG picked each of us from singapore, malaysia, australia, UK, NY......all the way to California. the journey was great, we were chit chating, joking, laughing & flirting all the way...and we reach the Camp Bow wow safely after 1 and a half hour drive except Stanley & Faya. They were late...oh I forgot to ask how they come??
When we reach the camp site, Magzz was resting in her tent.....

She was very happy & suprise seeing all of us standing outside of her tent.

Yeah, we pawty here all night. Beautiful hah??

The night view of the camp.

As you can see we have sooooooooooooooooo many yum~yum FOOD !!!!

Everydog & GG having fun. We were eating, singing, dancing and of coz flirting.
Since it was a barkday pawty, we bought a yum ~ yum cake for Magzz....

So pals, thanks for coming. I hope you all having fun that night....

Ok, talk to you all later. I need to zzzZZzzz now...Im still blur, too much of pawty & wines....I guess......

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