Celebrities Tag -- Part 2

>> Friday, June 15, 2007

Here are the result of my celebrities look alike tag tag game:

Joe Stain said I might look like Edward Norton in Fight Club when he had the black eye.

Simba said I could be Dr Hook, the singer wore an eye patch.

Sharon said I look like George Clooney, the George cutie.

Maggie said I look like Michael Jackson....no comment.

Well, Amber-Mae said could be Tom Cruise, the mission imposible man while Asta baby said Spus Mackenzie, which I think its much look like Scuba. I couldnt upload their pic, I just dont know why.

Then I found a hot, sexy, handsome, cool celebrity that look 99% like me !!!

What do you think pals??

I gotta find out his name and which movie, band or show that he join before.


Oh 1 more day to go.....
Im so excited, I cant wait till my barkday. Yeah, its my 1st barkday.....16 June 2007, coming Saturday !!! which means I can open up my pressie from my lovely pals !!! Yoohoo ~~~~

Aik, before I go I need to tag another pal for this taggy game.
Scuba, Bond & Toby, you are in !!!

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