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>> Thursday, June 21, 2007

I have no idea what to write tonight, checking & browsing yours blog & I decided to talk about my bed.

There are so many beds on the earth. Different design, different color, different material and different sizes.

and this was the "bed" I used to sleep when I was a baby....The crate. I dont really like to sleep in it.

So, the hooman got me a bed. This was my bed, and thats where I should sleep...but still I dont like it. Since, the hooman got no sense of choosing me a bed, I decided to choose it myself. I make my choice & I think this is the best bed !!

Ta da !! My favourite bed, hooman's bed. It would be great if I can sleep between my dad's leg.

This is the cat's bed. This is the place where Cheetah & Milky sleep everyday. I was checking Butchy & Snickers blog earlier on and I saw something look like this.......yes, the face cleaning.


Happy Adoption Andy !!!

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