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>> Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ta da !!!

Here they are. My lovely barkday pressie & greeting from all my lovely pals.
TQTQTQTQTQTQ soooooooo much
BOO, Boy n Baby, Goofy, Pearly baby, GG, Pacco, Amber, Faith & Chloe.

I dont have a BIG barkday celebration coz I already have it during my pre-celebration. So no cake, no baloons, no fancy deco at home but only pressie & treats.

Im getting famous now...Im the only dog that got soooo many mail & parcel in my neighbourhood and now even the mailman know my name. Haha.

Thanks Goofy & Lily. I got a new collar and leash now. Cool~~ and thats the salmon treats I share with dad. Slurp~ There is another bone in the parcel but I took it away before mom could take the pic. Wahaha.

Can you see that tag?? Touchdog, thats mean I have the permission tag to touch all the poodle out there. Isabella & sasha, Im gonna touch you when I see you gals.

Goofy & mom even sent me a card, sweet.

OMdoG, I got pressie from the CASANOVA !!! Boo, are you giving me some *hint* ?? Im not *ahem*....Simba, dont worried bout it. Im not gonna fight with you. You can have your BOO. Boo gave me a baseball & 2 packets of pizza & peanut treats, and he make the right choice.
I just love it. He even make me a card using my pic. COol~~

But look at the notes below....

Its ok Boo....I know you are getting old now...

Here you are Boy n Baby. I got your pressie on time. Im so touch that you pals send me a pressie even ya mom is busy. Boo did a great job and again he make a right choice for sending me those yummy moomoo ribs.

Thanks B&B.

Girl Girl, TQTQTQTQTQ for your cute little barkday card. Im so glad that I have you as my friends. I will cherish our friendship furever.

GG is so talent, she even draw me some belon & pressie.

I really wanna apologies to my Pearly baby. My dumb dumb mom deleted all the pic she took earlier on. Now, I cant show you all the pressie from Pearly !!! GRrrr....so I can only show it here. Those with arrow are from my Pearly baby. She get me a squeky ball, bullstick, biscuit & of coz a lovely card.

See how beautiful she is in the card.

Here Im checking out all my pressie. Which one should I start 1st??

THANKS pals. I really like all those pressie. You pals are the BEST in the world !!!



Happy Dumpling Festival (thats what I call.)

I dont really know whats it all about but I know its a chinese festival & the hooman eating some yumyum funny looking dumpling on this day. The hooman put all the yumyum ingredient into a leaf and boil it with water.

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