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>> Friday, May 4, 2007

Hey pals, pawty is not over yet. If you guys follow my bloggie, you will know that there is another great pawty coming up tomorrow!!! It my 1st pre-barkday celebration !!!! Isnt that COOL?? Me & my hooman took 2 days break to recover from the wine, cheese & chat pawty and now Im totally recharge, Im ready for my big day tomorrow. Haa Rooo............

Since its my 1st barkday, Im gonna make lotsa wishes....I want soooooooooooooo many things on my barkday & I hope my EVIL mommy got it right.

1st: I want my own laptop so that I can blog like nodoggie business.
(no more fighting with dad)

2nd: I want a BenBen mobile, so that I can visit all my doggie friends around the world like Fufu.

3rd: I want lotsa lotsa treats that I cant finish in my whole life!! YUmYUm.

4th: I want a neat diner table with beautiful bowl on it.

5th: I want a big toys box full with all my toys & chewie. Hehe.

Last but not least and the most important wishes: I want the most sexy MISS SUNSHADE!!!!!!! Haa ROOooooooo Haa ROOOoooooo.....

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