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>> Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Yeah, I got many nice nice pressie from my friends.

1st, I would like to thank Aunty Jessica, Sasha, Sze Ern & Sheena for their pressie all the way from Penang.

See, I got parcel !!!
Below is the conversation between grandma & the mailman:
Mailman: "Here is a parcel for Mr.Benjamin."
Grandma: "Oh thank you."
Mailman: "Who is Benjamin? Izit your son?"
Grandma smile at him & said "No, this is Benjamin." she point at me.
The mailman was like ???

Oh the gals get me a chew bone, some treats & a lovely card. Yeepee~

2nd, I would like to thank Aunty Melissa, Amber-mae, Faith & Chloe ; 3rd to Aunty Amanda & Pacco for the begging strips & chewie!! I love carrot.


Pressie from my mom:

Come on, I know there are some more....Ggrr

Hah, told ya. I found 2 more packet of treats.

What?? Thats it?? Are you sure??

Im gonna make another barkday wish on my barkday. "Please turn my stupid dum dum mommy into a clever mommy." Why?? She just dont understand my language !!! always get me are the proof:

Wish no.1: I want my own laptop so that I can blog like nodoggie business. (X)

(mum: Is more fun to share with your daddy.)

Wish no.2 : I want a BenBen mobile, so that I can visit all my doggie friends around the world like Fufu. (X)

(mum: Daddy dont mind sharing his car, you are so lucky to have your daddy fetch u around.)

Wish no.3 : I want lotsa lotsa treats that I cant finish in my whole life!! YUmYUm. (X)

(Do you think these 2 packet of begging strips can stay for my whole life ????)

Wish no.4 : I want a neat diner table with beautiful bowl on it. (X)
(Where is my diner table? You call this beautiful bowl??)

Wish no.5 : I want a big toys box full with all my toys & chewie. (X)
1 cuz.....(actually I quite happy with it coz this is my 1st cuz.)


Where is my SEXY SUNSHADE???

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