I have KOI too.

>> Thursday, May 17, 2007

Im back. Im feeling much better and Im gonna start blogging again.

Thanks to Butchy & Snickers, I have a koi named after me. Ladies & gentlemen, lets meet my BenBen Koi. Isnt he beautiful?? We are both tri-color.


Now I would like to show you grandpa's koi fish pond. Well, its much more smaller than Butchy & Snickers's pond but I think its beautiful.

There are 10 koi in the pond.

I dont know much about koi but I think some of them look like Butchy & Snickers koi...

There is a small waterfall at the pond....and there are other creature live in this pond.

I dont know who they are. They look like hooman but they are much more smaller & older.

These tiny little hooman never talk to me. They only sit under the tree, watching the koi or fishing....but my grandpa koi are smart, never caught by them.

Can you see them??

They have houses & boat too.

Other than those creatures, the koi have some visitors too.

The red dragonfly always stop by to say Hi.

and this is an unwanted visitor....my feline sis, Milky Gal. She always walk around the pond. Milky told me that she just wanna say Hi to the koi, but I never trust her.

See? She always pretending....actually she is not drinking the water, she was targeting the koi in the pond.

I gotta learn how to count 1-10,coz I have to make sure there are always 10 koi in the pond.

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