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>> Monday, February 5, 2007

Its February, that means I have been away for almost a month. So heres the sum up...b4 that, get yourself a cup of coffee, coz its gonna be a pretty loooooong post...

I was repeating my daily routine all this while coz Mom was very busy lately.Shes a desperate jobseeker now, the computer was fully occupied .....she keep searching jobstreet, checking her mailbox, travel up & downfor her interview but still no sign.

First,I thought its a good sign coz mom can spend more time with me. But when Mom said " Ben, no job means no food.I cant get you any snack or toy if Im still jobless" I was like WHAT!! HEy, not come Im the one suffer? I dont mind to get a job & raise the money,I can get both you & dad food....Im a half working dog coz my dad is a collie which makes me under the working dog category. But Mom just look at meand "Ben, forget bt it".....OKOK, fine.

Chinese New Year is coming, the hoooman are very busy with the pre CNY, packing, throwing, washing & painting. Again, beingpart of the family I should help them and guess what I get in return??I was lock in my cage!! GGRrrrr........................

SEE?? The hoooman are funny species. They always blame me for doing nothing other then sleep, eat & play. But when I offer myself, they just rejectit.HOOoooman.....
Anywhere mom, Im gonna pray harder so you will get a job soon....a GOODJob, so I will get GOOD food.....
OK, forget bout the Hooman. Back to doggy business.....

Im sorry that I cant check all your lovely bloggy...I try to read all your post, see your pictures, leave a comment but I cant. I missed outso many thing....Its all the Hoooman fault !! so pals, I just write down some message here, in case I cant blog in the update me k...

Boo, nice hair cut but too bad I cant see your chinese new year costume.

Molly, becareful gal!

Miss Sunshade, I love u babe!! You just called me honey, I cant sleep for whole night....

Fufu, I know your Barkday is coming. HAPPY BARKDAY !!!

Fei, congrat!! MOmmy is back. Hope you enjoy your new life in Japan.

Baby, you are not Miss sulky. Dont worry, I like are such a sweetie pie.

Chiyo, sugar baby, I understand why both Boo & Simba are crazy bout u..

Isabella, you are such a nice still treat Emmy well even shesuper naughty....but Im sure she will learn it from you....cheer babe.

Pacco, like your latest post bout your puppy thingy. You are so cute !!

Amber, can you teach me how to dance ?? U r super dancer. By the way, hows Chloe??

TOby oh Toby....

Dear Snickers, I miss u so much...hows the puppies?? another Snickers Junior & Boo the casanova...haha.

Here are the blog I can go so far..Im gonna try again later for the restof you k....

Oh, GooD news!! Mommy gonna put Oreo & Coffee (the kitties) for adoption...hehe. Finally...yes I make it. Mommy said that the kitties are big enough for adoption & shes looking for a good home that can love & give full attention to them. But sad thing is she still keep one, Milky.
Anyone interested or any of your friends interested, please leave a message here or email to ASAP !! & try to persuade mom for giving up Milky too...HEHE

(from left) Oreo, Coffee & Milky

Okay, thats all for now. (which is long than enough) I will try to blogas soon as posible. Sayonara.

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