Bye Bye Doggy 2006, Welcome Piggy 2007.

>> Saturday, January 6, 2007

Yeah, according to Chinese Zodiac, 2007 is the year of pig. I know its a bit late but still I wanna wish all my furry pals & their family a Happy Happy New Year !!

Oh...I' ve been MIA again for a period of time & I know I miss lotsa things here. I gotta catch up now or I will be left behind. I have to redecorate my template, update my blog & view all your lovely bloggies. So guys, dont run so fast ya.

I've been tagged by Boo the Casanova & the sexy Miss Sunshade for the new year's resolutions. So I have to list out 5 resolutions & tag another 5 victims....Hmmm....I think most of you have been tagged so I gotta against the rules, hehe....

My New Year's Resolutions:

  1. Try my best to go back where I use to stay !! (I have a bad new year, I need to stay with grandpa until mom get a new place. The stupid condo management suddenly came out with the stupid rules that no pets allow !! GGrrr.....I can only see mommy once a week from now onwards....Im gonna miss dad&mom.)
  2. Try not to "kill" gramma's flowers & grass.....I just wanna help gramma in watering her plants...
  3. Try to love my gal more....
  4. I wanna attend all the doggie event !!! especially this coming k9 Day. Im gonna see my siblings & all my lovely pals...& meet some sexy babe there...*hint*hint.
  5. Hmmm....try not to *ahem* eat my poopoo (gosh, mom. why you wanna do this to me !! Now everydoggy know bout it..... )

My 2006:

  1. Thanks dad&mom adoptions.....I know y0u guys kinda evil sometimes but still I love u !!
  2. I got my own blog !! where I get to know all the lovely pals out there...MUAH ~~
  3. I found my siblings, Molly & Scooby.
  4. I lost my *ahem* jewel....but still Im sexy man.
  5. Christmas cards !! I got my own xmas cards !!

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