I Miss My Bloggy & All My Furry Pals

>> Thursday, December 14, 2006

Its really hard for me to blog & uploading my photos these days....Im at daddy & mommy's hometown now, gonna celebrate my holiday & christmas with grampa & gramma. Its kinda fun here, more space for me to run & play but..but the problem is there's no streamyx or broadband here !! what a stupid dumm dum place, I cant blog as usual, cannot see all the nice nice doggie bloggie & all the nice nice website!! What a boring day!! I miss u guys sooooooooooo much......

Oh 1 more thing, I got my christmas' cards !! YooHooo...Im sooooo happy.

Jack & Joey
Amanda & Pacco

WOof~woOF~~Love ya guys....Muah muah Muah.

Im gonna celebrate my xmas with the kitties too.....haha. I scared them coz Im so BIG size & my greeting to them was so loud !! haha. Mommy said Im too friendly to them edy !!!

Gonna upload my photos soon (if can lah....wish me luck k.)

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