My First Time !!!

>> Monday, November 20, 2006

Pet-N-You Dog Carnival
Yup! It was my first time for attending such an event.

Know what? I was so excited when daddy mummy wana bring me out that day, we woke up early in the morning & prepared for our outing. I was sooo happy & looking forward it. But when I reached Bandar Utama Central Park, I was like "OMG", it was scary !!

There were doggie & human everywhere and I never see so many DOGGIE & HUMAN at the same time before, or I should said "I dont even know what all those creatures are." They just came and touch me, I was so scared until I hide behind daddy coz I dont know them. Those doggie somemore came by & sniffed on me.

Okok, I know I over reacting. I know they all were nice to me but I was nervous mah.....Daddy and Mummy somemore laugh at me....bad bad daddy mummy.

On my way to the park.....

Hot & tired

Guess what I was looking at?

Yup, I saw doggie swimming in that lake....but mummy dont let me play in that lake.

Kissing kissing~~ muak muak





p/s: Pacco, great to see u. Groovy, Amber & Faith, I saw u guys.

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