Im BACK !!

>> Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hey guys, Im back!! Yohooooo......woof~~woof.
Thanks to Mr.Computer that make me away from my dearly blog & lovely friends for almost amonth.....a MONTH man!! Its really killing me & mummy too. Luckily u are back in position, I hope u behave well like me, Mr.Computer. Dont u ever dare to cause us any pro again....or else ^^ I will carry out my EVIL plan...hehehe (Im still a good boy)
Here some photos that I took during this "MIA" period....I change alot man.
Macho man~~ see my handsome face & my muscle??

Again, Im the most handsome boy in the world. Anyone interested, just giv me a call k. ^^

Mummy said Im kepoh wo~~~Im taller than this now.

Mummy, dont u ever feel tired with that camera??

Shhh...give me a break. See mummy DIY obstacle trainnig...

Wah I got pretty long tongue ler.

Oh baby darling, where have u been??

My new collar.

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