>> Thursday, October 5, 2006

Hey hey, I spent few days at Grandpa's place last week. It was great. Grandpa, gramma, uncle & aunties all sayang me oh......we played hide & seek, tennis ball & chasing around with grandpa....hehe. Of cause I win, Im a smart boy ler....hehe. It was fun. Mummy, can I go again? can I??
I like this pic so much & aunties BB.

This is my bed....its very comfy but I like to chew on it alot.

Erm...where r u my little tennis ball ? cha. U r mine, dont u dare to run away from me, Mr.coke.

Hey uncle, why u always hide my little tennis ball? Grrr.....

Tired.....grandpa, can we take a break?

Mummy, why cant I play outside??

Im ready for my tennis session..

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